Featured Products

Air Charge Kit: Tank Vent Relief Valve

Ball Valve: Female Socket Ball Valves

Cable: Stainless Steel Cable

Caps: Threaded Blank Caps

Couplings: TW Couplings

Document Holders

Drytyt: Pressure-Tight Caps for Tank Units

Drytyt: Rubber Dust Caps and Plugs

Flame Arresters & Debris Protection for Relief Valves

Flanges: ACME Outlets for Gas Discharge Valves

Flanges: Adaptor Flange Kit for 1½” Airline Ball Valve

Flanges: Adaptor, Blind & Outlet

Flanges: DN65 & DN80 Super Maxi Relief Valves

Flanges: Weld-in Flanges for Airline Valves

Flanges: Weld-in Flange for Bottom Discharge Provision

Footvalve Replaceable Seat Kit - Cleanflow and Highlift

Fusible Link Assembly for Footvalves

Gaskets: Valve Inlet & Outlet Gaskets

Gauges: Pressure

Gauges: Temperature

Manlid Fasteners: Safebolt Assembly

Manlid Fasteners: Swingbolt Assemblies

Seals: Manlid and Inspection Hatch Seals

Sockets: BSP & DIN Weld-in Sockets for Relief Valves

Tools: Relief Valve Test Rig and Tool Kits

Tools: Safeload Wear Gauges, Tools & Spares Kits