Featured Products

25mm PFA Lined Reduced Bore Flanged Airline Ball Valve

50mm PFA Lined Full Bore Flanged Ball Valve

65mm Super Maxi Relief Valve – PFA Lined, Pressure Only

2½” PFA Lined Super Maxi Relief Valve - Pressure Only: AAR

3" PFA Lined Clamped Butterfly Valve

3" 45° Cleanlift Footvalve - PFA Lined

3" Cleanflow Footvalve with 45° Outlet - PFA Lined

3" 45° Halar® Lined Footvalve

80NB PTFE Lined Flanged Vacuum Vent

4" to 3" Halar® Lined Hydraulic Highlift Footvalve

80mm Full Bore Ball Valve - PFA Lined