Fort Vale are taking measures to reduce the impact and risk of the spread of the virus within our organisation. The health of our colleagues and business partners is at the forefront of our concerns. Sanitising activities are happening across the business and up to date information and advice is being published across various media for our employees on a daily basis.
We have advised employees to minimise all business travel to only essential travel and to make use of technology such as video conferencing etc for those meetings where travel would otherwise be required. We are also limiting visits into the factories and offices from customers and suppliers to that of essential visits only.


At this time we are fully operational with a full complement of staff at both the Shanghai and UK factories. Our satellite offices around the world are also fully staffed to help with customer enquiries.


As yet we are not experiencing any major difficulties in our supply chain due to having alternative options should we require them. We are also currently having no difficulties exporting products from the UK to various locations around the world.


We are pleased to report that it is business as usual at Fort Vale and we will continue to update you should there be any developments to our situation.


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